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your name in japanesejapanese name tattooIt is cool to have your name in exotic Japanese writing symbols. Katakana is the most common way to display foreign names, but it is also cool to have your name in Hiragana and Kanji. Having your name in Hiragana will definitely be unique and have big impact!
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For getting your name in Kanji, specific Kanji symbols will be chosen for the sound of your name. Because there are thousands of Kanji in the Japanese language, you must be sure that your translator chooses the Kanji that not only represent the phonetical sounds of your name, but more importantly, the Kanji should represent positive ideas or concepts. The danger of using instant, machine generated Kanji downloads is that some Kanji may have negative or bad meanings. Even though your name may sound ok, the meaning may not be lucky or positive.

I guarantee that you'll have the most positive and lucky Kanji possible to represent your name.

You will receive your name in ALL Japanese symbols, Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. Also, you will receive all Japanese symbols in GIF, JPEG and Stencil (Outline) format at no extra cost.
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