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katakana tattooThe origin of Katakana is said to come from the need to simplify the reading and transcription of Chinese classics. Because of the complex number of strokes in Chinese Kanji, Japanese scribes invented a limited number of simple symbols that covered the Kanji sound spectrum. In modern Katakana, there are 46 symbols.japanese katakana symbol tattoo

That is why Katakana consists of short and straight strokes, and is the simplest of the three Japanese symbol systems. Katakana is often used for transcription of foreign names, places, countries and technical terms. The word "Computer" for example is a modern word with a western origin, and thus would be written in Katakana.

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The most appropriate use of Katakana writing will be for non-Japanese (foreign) names, foreign places, countries and technical terms, etc. In Japan, although everyday words (such as love,or power) or phrases (such as "I love you") are usually written in Kanji and Hiragana, if you prefer, it is fine to have your favorite word or phrase in Katakana. But please keep in mind that writing a phrase in Katakana exclusively is not natural in the modern Japanese writing system.

You can have your favorite words or phrases translated in Japanese Katakana. Traditionally, Japanese writing is from top to bottom (vertically). But in the modern Japanese writing system, left to right (horizontally), is also common. You will receive all Japanese symbols in GIF, JPEG and Stencil (Outline) format of Kanji symbols at no extra cost. Click here to see the details of what you receive.

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