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girl with kanji tattoo Japanese Kanji is originally from ancient China. Over time, some Kanji were modified by the Japanese. Nowadays, these modified Kanji are written differently than the original Chinese way. Kanji is often used along with Hiragana and Katakana when writing sentences.

When you decide to use Kanji for tattoos, printings and etc., you must be very careful to choose the CORRECT Kanji symbols. There are many different ways to write Kanji symbols depending on context. kanji tattoo on back

Also, there are often two or more different Kanji symbols for the same exact sound - each with completely different meanings! That is why there is a risk of using non-human translation tool. I , as a Japanese native with translation experience, guarantee that you get 100% accurate Kanji symbols.

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You can have your favorite words or phrases translated into Japanese Kanji symbols. However, if you want an English phrase translated into Japanese, the translation will end up being a combination of Kanji and Hiragana in most of cases (unless you select Hiragana only). As explained earlier, natural Japanese mixes Hiragana with Kanji when writing sentences.

Traditionally, Japanese writing is from top to bottom (vertically). But in the modern Japanese writing system, left to right (horizontally), is also common. You will receive all Japanese symbols in GIF, JPEG and Stencil (Outline) format of Kanji symbols at no extra cost. Click here to see the details of what you receive.

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