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Other ideas for Japanese Symbols and Japanese Artwork?

Besides tattoo design, are there any other ways to use Japanese symbols or Japanese artwork?

Of course! There are so many ideas to use your Japanese symbols by themselves, or printed together with your chosen Japanese artwork.

If your are in a business related with Asia or Japan, you can make your business card with exotic Japanese symbols. That will enhance your business image. Even if your business has nothing to do with Asia, your business card, printed with Japanese symbols on it, may be a lead for conversation.

Creating an original greeting card is another excellent idea. Imagine your friend receiving "Happy Birthday" written in exotic Japanese symbols! That will be something very memorable, and stand out in your friend's memory for years to come.

You can make a party invitation card with Japanese symbols or artwork printing, as well. For example, if your party theme is Oriental, Japanese kanji symbols gracing the invitation card will be the perfect touch!

Wedding card, seasonal greeting card, Mother's day card ... and so many other ideas!

Or how about your beautiful Japanese artwork framed on the wall - a very unique gift to add an exotic taste and scent to any person's house.

The ideas above are only some of the ways to enjoy your Japanese writing symbols or Japanese artwork. More ideas will come to mind if you can be creative!

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